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Named to Bank Street's Best Children's Books, 2021
2021 CAL Award winner for Middle Grade
International Literacy Association 2021 Honor Book
Children's and YA Books on Consent and Boundaries
Publisher's Weekly article featuring When You Known What I Know
Why More Children’s Books Are Tackling Sexual Harassment and Abuse
New York Times article featuring When You Know What I Know.
diyMFA Podcast Episode featuring Sonja
Episode 303: A Survivor Story as a Middle Grade Novel in Poems — Interview with Sonja K. Solter
On Process and Pain
A Conversation in School Library Journal with Debut Authors Mary Cecilia Jackson & Sonja K. Solter
Chosen by BookRiot as one of the Most Anticipated Books of 2020
"...Told with a poetic narrative...[When You Know What I Know] dares us to observe the victim’s internal and external struggles: the disbelief from loved ones, her own feelings of guilt and disgust, the way relationships get a new shape, all consumed by the grief, and shame, and pain. But this book is also a journey of hope, of finding stronger family ties with those who believe the victim, the sufferer’s understanding of her own innocence..."

Carina Isabel Dias Marques Pereira

"Solter emphasizes the emotional effects both of the molestation and of the disparate reactions [Tori] encounters when others hear about it. This offering of hope after trauma is, importantly, unromanticized."

― Kirkus Reviews

"Written with leap-off-the page boldness and sensitivity, Sonja K. Solter's When You Know What I Know is as fresh and profound a story of hope in the aftermath of tragedy as I have ever read. Young readers will hang on every word of Tori's confusion, pain, and hard-won renewal. A triumph!"

Tony Abbott, author of The Summer of Owen Todd and The Great Jeff

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